What we do

We’re photographers and videographers based in Utah, specializing in landscape, nature, wildlife, travel, and tourism related content in Utah and throughout the world. In addition to commercial photography and videography services, we are also tourism marketing consultants.

We offer tourism marketing consulting services and have assisted numerous tourism offices, hotels, resorts, guides and outfitters with their marketing and promotions.

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How we do it

Mark is a Canon guy, Bob rolls with Nikon. We use full-frame DSLR and Mirrorless cameras, GoPro cameras, Iphone smartphones, Skydio and DJI drones.

We shoot on-site, which occasionally takes us deep into backcountry locations. We come to you or go where the project is located and set up at the best locations after scouting the area to determine best light and position.

Where we live

We’re long-time Utah residents having lived on both ends of the state and exploring every quadrant.

Bob grew up in Bountiful Utah near Salt Lake City and currently lives in Hurricane Valley 20 minutes from the main entrance to Zion National Park.

Mark grew up in New Zealand but moved to Salt Lake City in his early teens. He lived in St. George for more than 25 years before moving to Mona Utah in the southern end of the Wasatch Front.

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Bob Grove

Bob’s passion for photography was ignited by his long career in tourism and as a guide leading tour groups to some of the world’s most scenic and beautiful landscapes. Working in such a visual industry and living among some of the world’s most iconic parks, his hobby evolved over time becoming an integral part of his career in tourism. Landscape photography is his passion, but he also spends time shooting wildlife, real estate, and portrait photography. In the recent years aerial drone photography was added to his resume. He currently uses a mirrorless Nikon camera, a variety of GoPro cameras, DJI drone, and iPhone 13 ProMax, which he loves!

Follow our adventures as guides and photographers at Roadtrippinwithbobandmark.com

Mark Wade

Mark began his media career working in broadcast radio and television, which then led to his operating a video production company. For his entire career Mark has been shooting video and photographs with a focus (pun intended) on outdoor photography and videography including; landscapes, wildlife, and outdoor recreation. His photography and videography has been an integral part of his 30+ year history of working with tourism-based businesses as a marketing consultant. Over the course of his career he has personally produced, directed, and edited 100’s of video productions, and shot 125,000+ photographs using professional camcorders, DSLR’s, aerial drones, Go-Pro cameras, smartphones and other devices.